1. How to use YourHR.guide

Welcome to YourHR.guide
YourHR.guide has been designed and written to provide SME organisations with all the day-to-day HR information and documentation they may need.

Premium Membership will allow you to do the following and explain how to do it:

It will give you 

It will enable you to be compliant with HR and employment law and to build a solid HR foundation. It will help you to protect the business whilst also being an even better employer. 

Review the rest of this introduction section for more details, and go Step by Step HR for a more detailed plan. 

How does it work?
YourHR.guide is divided into different categories. Under each category there are guidance notes and information. There are then template forms, letters, policies or other documents that you can use.

You can download a template, add your logo and make amendments as required. 

YourHR.guide is continually updated and additional content added. If there is a change in employment law that requires a template to be updated, we will update the document and let you know. The latest updates and additional content is detailed on the home page. 

This ensures that you can always remain up to date. You do need to sign up as a (free) member to get notifications about updates.

Membership Options
There are three levels of access:
  • Non-member: This gives you access to a few guidance notes and templates. It's FREE and you do not need to provide any information at all.
  • Regular Member: This gives you access to more guidance and templates. It's FREE, but you need to provide your name and email address. 
  • Premium Membership: This gives you access to all guidance and all templates. It’s a monthly subscription and is an initial 12-month contract.  
Further information regarding our membership options can be found here.